Newborn Sneezing And Coughing – What Does It Mean?

newborn sneezingWhen one is a new parent, it is scary to thrust the complete responsibility of a tiny, completely helpless new life, and in particular when it is a first child, parents struggle to make sense of every little thing that a baby does, or that happens to baby.

If a baby cries you wonder what it could be; is he hot, cold, hungry, sleepy, and uncomfortable in pain and you rush around trying to put him at ease.[Crying Baby]

Sometimes it is nothing at all, it’s just the general excitement of being, of adjusting to such a peculiar new environment of air and light after the watery darkness of the womb when he didn’t have to do a thing for himself, not even breathe or swallow.

So chances are that when your newborn coughs or sneezes, you will wonder and worry about what causes it; if it is an infection etc. However, before you rush your baby to the doctor, consider the following:

Newborn sneezing is the only option to clear their nose. He does not know how to sniff it in or blow his nose and sneezing during the first few months is common, it is the only way that the baby can clear his nose.

Remember, he has to get used to a lot of new stuff such as breathing and swallowing and burping etc. So for the most part, newborn sneezing is no cause for worry.

Newborn coughing also, is not usually a cause for worry, but in some babies, coughing is a precursor to throwing up, so if you hear your baby coughing, you should always go and check to make sure that all is well. You may also need to lift your baby to ease any discomfort that the baby is feeling, which is making him cough in the first place.

A slight cold, with a runny nose may also be nothing to worry about, particularly when it’s cold[baby cold] or when the season is changing.

Really most of these little things like newborn sneezing, coughing are not cause for any alarm with a newborn, most of them are due to all that brand new equipment, the respiratory system getting used to doing its job.

What you have to watch out for is if the baby seems otherwise unwell, is fussy, is off his feed or has a temperature, then this requires your doctor’s attention.

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