10 High Tech Baby Products

– Top gadgets for the technologically inclined parents

In case you are passionate about high tech gadgets and are looking for some high tech baby products to surround your little one with, here are some of the top ones.

1. Portable Video and Sounds Baby Monitor by Bebe Sounds

Portable Video and Sounds Baby Monitor

You have the possibility to choose those monitors that offer you only sound, but this would be foolish, since you have another monitor that comes with a camera for only $200. The advantage is that it is relatively small, and the audio and video is very clear. Also you should know that the image that it offers is color, not like many of the baby monitors. You can operate the gadget both with batteries as well as electricity; the product comes with four batteries that are rechargeable. The system can be expanded with up to four cameras.

2. Express Bottle and Food Warmer by Avent

Express Bottle

When it comes to warming bottles, in the majority of the cases people opt for using the microwave. This is a good option but the only downside is that there could be some hotspots that might turn out to be dangerous for the little one. This product offers you the possibility to set the temperature and a great advantage is that it can be used for larger bottles as well. You can use the gadget even when the bottle isn’t full, and you just want to reheat the food for the baby. Why would you miss out on this product?

3. Fisher-Price Potty On-the-Go

Fisher-Price Potty On-the-Go

The potty is based on a tripod that is easy to set up and so you don’t have to worry anymore about problems related to the potty while you are on the go. This little baby product provides you with a sanitary personal place that you can use no matter where you are. The main advantages include cleanliness, comfort and convenience. Also the potty is easy to be cleaned since it has to be used with a disposable bag and absorbent pad. Once it isn’t needed, you can fold it and store it in a washable bag that comes with organizer pockets.

4. Earcheck Monitor

Earcheck Monitor

In the majority of the case an ear infection is accompanied by fever, pain and other kinds of symptoms. This kind of infection usually also causes a fluid buildup in the middle ear that can be checked with the help of this little gadget. In order to detect any problems, the product is using sound waves, making the eardrum vibrate. These vibrations will be restricted in case there is any fluid and this is what the gadget is detecting. All you have to do is to place the tip of the gadget into the outer ear of the little one.

5. bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

In case you are one of those parents that prefer to use cloth diapers, here is the solution for you: this sprayer makes it possible to efficiently clean the used diapers. The spray can be adjusted, and it works just fine even in case of the dirtiest diapers. The gadget is easy to install and you don’t need any special tools for it. There are also some other purposes for which the gadget can be used, such as feminine hygiene. The product comes with fixtures, sprayer, mounting clip and hose. So there is no more difficult cleaning for you, mommy.

6. WhyCry Baby Cry Analyzer

WhyCry Baby Cry Analyzer

It’s never easy to be a parent, especially if the little one is crying, and you have no idea why. This is a common situation during the early periods. This little gadget could help you know whether your instincts have been right regarding the needs of the little one. Nonetheless depending on a gadget may not be such a good idea when it comes to your baby. According to the company, the accuracy is of about 90%, so it might not hurt to have the gadget as a backup plan, just to be sure that nothing can possibly go wrong.

7. Digital Bath Spout Cover

Digital Bath Spout Cover

Bathing the baby is sometimes quite difficult. One of the most difficult tasks is to make sure that the water isn’t too hot or too cold. In the past mothers have been checking through their skin, but now all you need is this little gadget to tell you whether the bathwater is suitable for the baby. The display of the gadget will tell you in numbers the temperature of the water, and also in the form of colors. It’s not only children that could make use of this gadget. You could make sure that your bathwater isn’t too hot or too cold.

8. The Ultimate Wipes Warmer with Everfresh System

The Ultimate Wipes Warmer

It is a normal reaction in case of children that if they are wiped with a cold wiper, they feel an urge to urinate. This is something that you could avoid from now on with the help of this product. Also it might be useful in case you have to change the baby in the middle of the night. If you use a cold wiper, you could wake him up totally, meaning that it will be more difficult to get him back to sleep. This is one of the baby products that have advantages both for the mother and the baby.

9. Remote Control Symphony-in-Motion Mobile

Remote Control Symphony-in-Motion Mobile

There are numerous babies that like to have something moving around them, and this is why a lot of parents opt for such mobiles. They say that it is easier to put the baby to sleep. Nonetheless it could be bothersome to go in and start it again when it stops, so you may be looking for something that can do this on its own. This product comes with a remote control, so that you don’t even have to enter the room to control it. Just take a look at it from time to time to make sure that it is still moving.

10. Samsonite Baby Wardrobe Case

Samsonite Baby Wardrobe Case

This is just perfect for those families that are always on the go. It is considered to be a travel diaper bag that comes with wheels, but in fact it is a lot more. There are a lot of compartments for different kinds of clothing, shoes, and also diapers. Naturally the toys couldn’t miss either. Since it has been made by Samsonite you can be sure that the product is of  high quality and it is durable, so you can use it as long as the baby is still a baby. Now isn’t this something every parent would need for their child?

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