Why Does My Baby Bite?

A biting baby is no one’s idea of fun and in order for parents to be able to control bad behavior, it is necessary for them to first understand why their baby bites. The reasons are many:

  • Teething pain is one of the primary reasons why babies bite. One may think it is too early for a baby to be teething, but lots of babies teeth early and many others may feel the pain of teething even months before the teeth actually make their appearance.
  • Curiosity is one of the reasons why children bite. They want to explore the world around them, and they do so by using each of their senses including the sense of taste. They want to bite to see what it feels like; what it tastes like.
  • Frustration is another reason. Babies who are not yet adept at communicating, or are unable to get something that they want are likely to be frustrated and that frustration could result in biting.
  • Lots of children bite for attention because biting always seems to get them a reaction, albeit of a negative kind.
  • Many children bite due to sheer aggression and this kind of biting will sometimes continue even after the teething years.


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