5 Effective Ways to Manage Sleep Schedule of Twin Babies

You must have heard this many times from many relatives and friends that having twins means having double trouble. Well while this may be true but think about the double fun that you are going to have or have had when you had your twins!

Well but the one thing that might be a problem for parents of twins is establishing the sleep schedules for both separately.

While one baby may want to sleep through the day, the other may want to sleep only in the night and this can put you in a lot of trouble. So a few tips to manage sleep schedule of twin babies can prove to be of a lot of help:

manage sleep schedule of twin babies

1. Put your Babies to Sleep at the Same Time

The first thing that you must remember to manage the sleep schedule of your twins is to make it a point to put them to sleep at the same time, from the very beginning. If you establish this routine from the first few weeks, the babies will get into the habit and won’t overwhelm you.

2. Establish a Calming Bedtime Routine

To manage the sleep routine of your twins, make sure you give them a calming bedtime ritual. Some calming and relaxing ideas include reading them bedtime stories, giving them a warm bath, back rubbing, some cuddling, and singing to them. If you do this, they will identify the signs and will know when to fall asleep.

3. Settle the Calm Baby First

In most cases of twins, one baby is calmer and the other is fussier. Make it a point to put the calm baby to bed first and then deal with the other one. Once you have put the calm baby to sleep, you can concentrate your energy on the other one and develop a better sleeping ritual for him individually.

4. Don’t Force them to Sleep in the Night

Most multiples get into the habit of sleeping in the night almost at the same age. The sleeping timing does not depend on the weight of the baby, as many studies suggest but on the age so wait for them to turn the right age to sleep through the night.

5. Put them to Bed Right after Feeding Them

If your babies have turned the age of sleeping in the night, make sure you feed them and put them to sleep immediately afterwards.

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