The Right Ways to Potty Train your Twins!

It is indeed hard to potty train twins, as you have to directly put in double the efforts you would otherwise require. You have to handle twice the tantrums and clean twice the poop and the pee. But an added advantage to twin potty training is that the sibling who learns fast can be a positive influence for the other one. Below given are some useful tips which would help you know how to potty train twins effectively:

the right ways to potty train your twins

  • It is not necessary to potty train both the twins at the same time, especially when it is a boy-girl set. It is okay if one sibling acquires potty training after the other one. All kids are different and just because it is a stereotype that twins do everything same, it does not mean that they are ready to get potty trained at the same time.
  • Get two different potty seat so that each one can have their own. Let your twins decorate them with stickers or sketch pens so that they know which one is their seat. This way, they will also get more excited about using them and be cooperative while receiving their potty training. You can get potties printed with cartoon characters so that your kids like using it even more.
  • Do let the kids go naked. Allow your kids to go naked or bottomless to the potty as they cannot handle their open pants so well and if two kids are wetting their pants, you will automatically have double laundry to do. Avoid prolonged playtimes without bottoms on carpeted areas so that your kids do not spoil it.
  • Talk to the kids and tell them what is going to happen in the potty training. Get some kids books with cut outs about potty training so that they understand what exactly potty training and toilet manners include.
  • Teach them hygiene like flushing the toilet after use and washing their hands after using the toilet. Tell them the importance of these habits so that they start following them readily.
  • Use rewards. Give your kids small rewards like toffees, cupcakes or their favourite meals so that they understand that getting potty trained is important and if they do it properly and follow what you say, it is going to be good for them. Using rewards will encourage them to follow their potty training routines even more dedicatedly.


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