4 Tips to Differentiate your Newborn Twins

We know twin babies are really hard to differentiate. When they come from the mother’s womb, parents and relatives get confused as the exact difference in their behavior cannot be easily identifiable at the initial stages. As days pass and you become more familiar with the habits of the identical babies it will be easier for you to differentiate both of them.

1. Use different color coordinates

You may find the exact difference after many years but in the initial stages try to dress them in different colors. One with a light colored dress and another one with a dark colored dress as this will help you identify them in the starting. Slowly you can observe the activities of each baby separately to know their attitude and their nature. Without a different color-coded dress, it might not be difficult for the parents to figure out the difference but it surely is tough for an outsider. On that note, this different color coordinates will make it easy for them and the people around them to not go wrong and avoid confusions.

4 Tips to Differentiate your Newborn Twins

2. Using different accessories

Different accessories for your twin babies are one of the ideal ways to differentiate them. Parents usually paint a toenail of their babies with a different color of polish. But for babies wrapped in blankets during winter season will not expose their toenails. However, this approach is helpful during summer season. Since many parents took some time to differentiate their babies, the medical wristband attached by hospital authority is a relief. Some parents use them even after leaving the hospital until they find another ideal method.

3. Analysis through photography

Parents are always fond of clicking pictures of their babies to capture the most joyful phase of their lives and to cherish the memories later. Photography over the years will tell you the difference between the identical twins. Although identical twins look similar but when it comes to their smile, character, position, and appearance, they will definitely vary from each other. These are really difficult to notice when you are not used to seeing them often but all these things can be perfectly recorded and documented as photos. For instance, If your children’s names are Kevin and Melvin, always keep Kevin at the right and Melvin at the left. This helps to identify and differentiate them in the documented photos over the years.

4. Find the Individual personality

Mannerisms of the identical twins will be very different from each other. Factors like facial expressions and physical moments also differ from each other. Over the time you can find an individual personality among the kids. One of your babies will be very pro-active and always on the move but the second one might always look reserved and sensitive. The better way is to spend time with babies separately because identical twins seem to be close to each other all the times. When it is a summer holiday, you can take your kid with you at the time when you preferred to go outside and leave the second one with your partner this will help you understand them both.


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