10 Must Have Products for Twin Babies

Having twins is special as would be evident with the looks that you get from the people around as you take your precious ones out. However, taking care of twins could be exhausting if you are not well prepared for it. A proper planning for taking care of your twin bundles of joy will go a long way in keeping your sanity.

Find below a list of 10 must haves for your twin babies.

A Nursing or a Feeding Cushion for Twins

feeding cushion for twinsThis is a handy product, as it will help you to feed your twins together whether you are planning to breastfeed or bottle feed them. In both cases this product helps you to feed your twins simultaneously.

A Baby Carrier for Twins

This is an absolute necessity if you are planning to have or already have twins to take care of. These twin baby carriers will help you carry both your precious ones comfortably.

Pram or Buggies for Twins

pram for twinsAs necessary as a twin baby carrier, a pram with space for both your kids is a necessity as you can comfortably take them out for a walk together without having to keep changing between carrying one and then the other.

High Chairs

These are a must haves as doling out spoonful of food to two hungry mouths alternatively will be much easier and more practical than feeding one baby as the other looks on and then feeding the other.

Car Seats for Twins

This is another thing that you just cannot do without if you are driving around with twins. You will be much more relaxed and safe when your twin kids are snugly, safely and securely strapped on to their twin car seats.


Since you have twins it makes sense to get two pacifiers to soothe both the babies at the same time.

Breast Pump

Invest in a good electric double breast pump. This one will keep you going whether you want to get rid of the overproduction of milk or the regulation.

A Set of Two Bouncers

A good place to put your twin kids in as you do a few of your chores while they bounce in them and loll off to sleep.


You will be requiring a lot of these, so be prepared. You could even consider telling your friends that they could gift diapers whenever they did want to gift anything.

Burpy Clothes

Since you have two babies to burp now, you will never seem to have enough of these. Get enough burpy clothes as you will definitely be needing loads.


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