Smart Mommy’s List of Baby Things for Twins

If your doctor tells you that you will have twins, most probably you will need to consider the list of baby things for twins.

However if you are looking for ideas for your list you should know that there are some items that you might or might not need.

List of Baby Things for Twins

Car seats

It is an absolute must to have car seats for the little ones. According to the law the parents must have car seats in their car when they bring their babies home from the hospital.

If you don’t have car seats, the staff of the hospital won’t allow you to bring the babies home by car.


When toggling through the items from the baby things’ list for twins you have to think about the stroller. It is possible that you will get two separate strollers or a special stroller for twins or triplets. Some of them will accommodate the babies besides each other or one in front of the other.


The mothers also need some things for the list of baby things for twins to make sure that they will be comfortable. For instance there is the rocking chair. In case you are going to travel with the babies, it might be helpful to bring a play pen that can double as a crib.

Baby swings

In case you are thinking about this item of the twins’ list of baby things you should know that not all the babies like the swing. In the same time they need a lot of space and they are difficult to store. If you have the possibility, you shouldn’t buy them but borrow them.

Changing table

The mothers looking for list of baby things for twins might not need a table of this kind. It also works to have a low dresser that is padded. If this isn’t an option, look for a changing table that can be used for multiple purposes.

Smaller items for the baby things’ for the twins’ list

It is a good idea to have sunshades for the car windows and it is best to have a couple of cradles. Usually women prefer to have a few cloth diapers around as well.

There are a lot of things that you could think about when it comes to the list of baby things for twins, but you should stick to the essential ones.


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