5 Gifts to Give Twin Babies

If you thought having one baby is difficult, well think again because having twins is even a bigger task. Keeping in mind the recent reports which state that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of twin births, there is a high likelihood that you may have twins.Well, this is not just about parents, it is also about friends and families of parents of twins who end up becoming all the more confused regarding gifts to be given to parents of twins.

Five gifts to give twin babies

You have come to the right place, as we will, in this article, elaborate five gifts that you can give to the parents of twins. So, here we go:

  1. Double the diapers

Well, the logic is simple: double the babies, double the diapers. You can really help parents save a lot of money by gifting them diapers.

Twins usually have lower birth weights than single births, and therefore, they generally begin in preemie sizes. Check out diapers that suit the needs of twins and give them as gifts.

Gifting away diapers sounds a little awkward, but, hey, you are contributing in stabilizing the expenses of the parents.

  1. The Gift of Swaddling

We all know that holding twins all the time is tedious, particularly when there other kids in the house. New-born babies want consistent attention and warmth—so you get swaddling blankets.

Swaddling blankets will give twins the comfort they need; they will make the twins feel as if they are in the arms of their mother while the parents are busy finishing off daily chores.

  1. Casual is the best

There is no denying that dressing up babies in fancy clothes is a fun activity, but you know there is no practical utility. Twin babies are usually born prematurely, which means they are required to stay away from too many people for a longer duration while their immunity systems are developing.

Refrain from buying all those cutesy outfits—save them for later. Instead, shop for more casual, daily use attires.

Parents love dressing up their twins in matching attires, but doctors recommend that they should be dressed up in different clothes so as to further development of their own identities.

It is important to consider them individually, not as a unit. Therefore, matching clothes is a big NO.

  1. Make the transportation easier

It is a Herculean task to carry around twins outside. But, you can help the parents of twins by gifting them convenient strollers made exclusively for twins.

Double strollers are in vogue, and they provide the kind of comfort every parent of twins needs. They are slightly expensive, but they will make amazing gifts.

  1. Help the parents

The biggest gift you can give the parents of twins is help and support. It is extremely difficult to take care of twins—there is no proper routine of parents, twins cry and throw tantrums randomly, and whatnot.

Help the parents by offering to take care of the babies while they are busy with daily chores.


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