Ways To Make Water Play Interesting For Your Little One

Water play is certainly the most popular and cheapest tactile activity for toddlers.

However, often the only chance they get to do is during their bath time, and you probably have a few toys in the bathroom to keep your little one occupied.

However, there are plenty of ways to provide your toddler with more water fun. Instead of letting your baby run wild at the kitchen sink, you can add additional toys to his/her water play:

Let them catch bubbles

Give your little one a hand whisk so that s/he can make their own bubbles. Buy a bubble machine or a simple bubble wand to let him/her to catch more bubbles during his/her bath. This is also a safe outdoor activity for your toddler.

Give empty bottles with lids

Give your child empty shampoo and washing bottles with lids, so that s/he can workout how to fill them with water by squeezing and letting go.

Add glitter to the water

As a special treat for your baby, add a little glitter to the water. Give your toddler something to stir with and allow him/her to observe the wonderful patterns. But be sure to ensure that it is safe for your little one.


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