Understand The Various Stages Of Toddler Development!

Toddler DevelopmentYour little baby will be growing day by day, when he or she became toddler you can observe various physical and mental developments in them.

Know various physical, intellectual, social, emotional and mental toddler developments that you can observe.

Physical toddler development:

  • The toddlers may grow less quickly when compared to infancy.
  • Most probably children at this age will eat less, but they prefer to eat more frequently throughout the day.
  • Most of them will walk without support by 14 months.
  • They can walk backward and up steps by 22 months.
  • They prefer to eat the food by themselves although spills can be expected.
  • They will like to drink water with cup (with help).
  • They can scribble and stack blocks.

Social and emotional toddler development:

  • They like to do their things independently.
  • You can observe common toddler temper tantrums in them.
  • They don’t like to play with other children. They like to play by themselves.
  • They may be possessive or feel difficult to share toys with other children.
  • Rules cannot be remembered by them.
  • They feel themselves as the center of attraction to the whole world.
  • Self-awareness will be developed in them and they can begin to express new emotions such as affection, jealously, shame and pride.
  • Little fears will be developed in them.
  • They need their parents with them. If they are out of house then they may continuously ask for their parents.
  • The mood of the toddlers will be shifting rapidly. The emotions which are expressed by them will be usually very intensive but short lived.

Intellectual toddler development:

  • They will be curious to know something.
  • They can ask and point out the objects they want.
  • They will be active and like to imitate the sound of the animals.
  • They can recognize familiar people and objects.
  • To form a basic sentence they will combine two words.
  • They tend to use pronouns such as me and mine.
  • More frequently they use the word “no”.
  • They can name familiar pictures and body parts.
  • For their intended purposes, they can use objects.
  • They like to include the second person in their pretend play.
  • The attention span on particular work will be short in them.
  • They can hold small articles such as scribble and pencil.
  • They will be very active and because of their developing imagination, they feel trouble in knowing what is real and what imagination is.

Activities that you can try on toddler:

  • Roll a ball towards them and tell them to catch the ball.
  • Give the blocks to them and tell them to build some thing.
  • Try to provide safe mirrors near them to look. By this they can identify themselves.
  • Allow them to fill the containers over again and again.
  • If they love music, play the music what they like.
  • Try to spend more time with them. Play many games with them such as hide and seek, etc.
  • Let them enjoy with their favorite toy.
  • Try to provide wheeled toys with out pedals for them.
  • Show different pictures for them and talk about the different pictures present in the book.
  • Talk about the size, texture and shape of the objects that can be seen in daily routine.
  • Try to make different comparisons. For example “this ball is bigger than that ball”.
  • Try to talk cause and effect relationships such as “if you pull a toy the whole block of pile will fall over”.

You should know the right toddler development so that you can take steps to improve in the development process of your toddler.


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