Toddler Biting – A Problem That Can Be Stopped By Some Disciplinary Tips!

Toddler BitingToddler biting is a frustrating problem for parents of toddlers and the educarers.

Why toddlers bite and how it can be prevented by parents?

It will helpful to know why toddlers bite before the behavior is changed.

Only the educated can guess the reason for their bite. Some of the reasons are:

Teething is one of the problems. They are hurt by the cutting teeth. The pain can be relieved by chewing something. They are egocentric and do not know that others are affected by them.

This is explained by their lack of concern, look of discomfort that can be seen in their face when the victim is screaming due to the pain.

Mimicry is a kind of behavior. This kind of behavior is learned by them from other toddlers. Toddler biting is more contagious than that of common cold.

Fatigue, stress and frustration can also lead to the biting. The toddler bites when they are hungry and tired. Sometimes they bite when they feel rushed or when he is alone.

Parents should be aware of what is happening in such children’s life. The other children who are physically hurt should be prevented by taking certain actions.

The parents should help the toddler by responding firmly and quickly and telling them not to bite. Several steps can be taken to prevent the toddler from biting other children.

Discipline for the toddler is important when the unacceptable action occurs. Depending on the situation the child who is biting should be removed from there. The separation may include time-out, or simply fulfilling the needs of the biter or redirection.

For ex, the biter needs appropriate assistance for learning the ways to express herself or him, incase of occurrence of biting due to Self-Assertion.

The numerous and multiple opportunities are required for the biter to affect the world, in case of Cause and Effect exploration.

The parents and educarers have to work united for adjusting the toddler in which he lives, in case of stress, fatigue, or frustration. Allow the child to take enough rest when he is tired.

Preventing the biting before than latter is better. The parents should observe the needs and mood of the toddler. Parents have to pay more attention when the child is exhibiting low tolerance for frustration, or while teething or when he has a history of biting.

Shadow the child who is having the nature of biting. The parents should watch carefully with who the child is and who is nearer to him. With the encouragement of language, the biting can be reduced.

Hence, toddler biting can be prevented by observing certain things carefully.


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