Tips to Help Toddlers Bond with New Baby Siblings

For young children or toddlers, new baby siblings are such a great gift from god.  But the fact is that most toddlers don’t appreciate this gift as their parents would like them to.  This could be a result of the fact that the attention and focus of their parents suddenly shifts to the new member of the family. They feel like their parents love them less now, which ofcourse never is the case. So how should a parent help the toddler bond better with the new baby sibling and love him as much as he/she should? Well, the following are some of the best ways to do so:

help toddlers bond with new baby siblings

  • In order to let the child bond with the new baby well, make sure you prepare him/her right from the days of the pregnancies. Encourage your toddler to talk to your belly and explain him politely that he/she is soon going to become a big brother or sister.
  • When you are at the hospital during and after the birth of the baby, make sure you do not spend too much time away from your toddler as this can make him/her blame the new sibling for the separation.  Even if the baby is required to stay at home, make sure you talk to him over the phone or through a video call every now and then. Also, tell him/her about the new baby so as to help him/her be familiar and develop a bond from early one.
  • When you arrive at home from the hospital, make sure your toddler gets to meet and love the new sibling. Don’t make the toddle feel ignored but make it a point to let the toddler help you take care of the new sibling.
  • Make sure that life goes on as usual and that you spend time with both the babies together so that the toddler accepts the presence of the new sibling and learns to spend time with him/her.  Don’t leave him/her out during usual day to day works like diaper changing, feeding etc.
  • Talking to the new baby about the toddler and telling him/her stories while the toddler is still in the same room can also make the toddler feel like a big brother or sister and develop a bond.
  • Let the toddler help in little tasks like handing you over the baby’s clothes, shopping for the new baby and other similar activities.


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