Tips To Deal With The Overactive Toddler

Small children can be a ton of fun, but they can be so much extra work, and just so tiring!

A toddler who has some structure and is given some purpose that makes activity seem worthwhile is a happy toddler, and if that activity is sufficiently challenging to tire out the wee one it also means a quicker more peaceful bedtime and consequently a happier adult.toddler swim

Here are some tips to keep a toddler occupied and amused:

  • Let him help. If you are cooking, involve him. Let him fetch and carry whatever and whenever possible. When going out let him fetch his shoes, cap, scarf etc. This will make him feel important and useful and also inculcate a sense of responsibility.
  • Watch what he eats. Keep the sugar laden snacks down as well as the fizzy drinks that are packed with caffeine and other chemicals. Let him eat the sort of things that will give sustained release of energy rather than a crazy energy spike!
  • Let him engage in activity that tires him out. If a child has just learned to walk chances are he will want to walk and walk and then walk some more. Give him that opportunity to stretch his legs. If it is swimming[toddler swimming] that he enjoys, let him swim until he tires himself out properly and then enjoy the sight of a peacefully sleeping child who has been tired out by some enjoyable activity.
  • Channel his energy. Left to their own devices, little babies can be noisy and destructive and will quickly get into trouble. Make the effort to find out how the child can be engaged in some sort of activity that he enjoy and which keeps him involved and interested safely for a considerable length of time. It could be a picture book or some building blocks. It is important to give him the chance to be able to entertain himself, it is a habit that will stand you in good stead over time.
  • Establish a nighttime routine. Overactive toddlers seem to need less sleep[child nightmare] than their quieter peers and getting them to settle down for the night would seem like a challenging task. So it is important that you help him wind down with a routine. A relaxing bath could help him calm down and then a favorite story book with familiar stories and characters would further help soothe him.


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