Remember To Have Fun With Your Toddler

There is a lot that will change in your life when a baby arrives; there will be a lot more work that needs doing, your priorities in life seem to change completely, and you seem to have little time for yourself.

In this situation, it is easy to feel overburdened and gloomy and to forget what a bundle of fun a small baby can be.

Spend time just being with your child, giving your whole attention and focus to the little baby.

A small baby is learning and doing something fascinatingly new nearly every day, and the wonder seems never to cease. Take pride and pleasure in this marvelous phenomenon unfolding before your very eyes.

One of the first games[fun games] that a baby enjoys is peek-a-boo; it is one that is a source of seemingly endless fun and merriment for a small baby. Playing a four legged animal and carrying baby on the back is another uproariously fun game for baby.

A child who has just learnt the art of walking, will, quite simply want to walk. Be with the baby as he or she branches out on her perambulations and enjoy the journey of discovery that has been initiated.

In short remember to be part of the incredibly enjoyable process of being a parent; rather than be bogged down with the undeniably weighty responsibilities of being one.



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