Letting Your Toddler Watch TV Could Mean Problems Later

toddler watching tvAccording to a recent Canadian Study, those toddlers and preschoolers who watched more TV than their peers, were more likely to have trouble later.

They were seen to display poorer physical well-being, academic ability as well as psychosocial behavior when they reached Grade four.

The ways in which TV viewing was seen to impact the children were:

  • Class room engagement was seen to fall
  • Math achievement was seen to be poorer
  • Reading abilities also suffered as a result of TV viewing
  • Also the children were seen to be more likely to be victimized by classmates.
  • The children who watched more TV were obviously less physically active and were seen to consumer more unhealthy snacks, junk food and soft drinks.

While one may think that TV is not directly responsible for all these problems; it does most certainly contribute to them. Excessive TV viewing influences how well the child will do later in life. If the child is watching TV for several hours a day, it follows that the time is not spent in creative pursuits, or physical activity. TV viewing is also linked to greater consumption of unhealthy snacks and the child consequently being unhealthy and overweight.

Source: Boston


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