Help Your Kid Grow with Learning Toys for Toddlers

Learning toys for toddlers are beneficial to the learning and development not just of kids, but also of individuals who have certain disabilities. While people may suggest that kids learn by observing the environment around them, this means that any sort of object or toy can be educational.

The purpose of an educational toy is to promote the intellect while assisting the physical and emotional development of your little one.

Manufacturers of Learning Toys for Toddlers

1. Fisher-Price

Learning Toys for ToddlersThis is among the most noted names in the world. Fisher-Price makes developmental toys for infants and kids. The company was conceived in 1930 by Irving Price, Margaret Evans Price, Helen Schelle and Herman Fisher and is a subsidiary organization of Mattel, Inc.

some educational toys from Fisher-Price include Little People and the Sing-Along Music Maker which educates infants by acquainting them with the outside world. The specialty of these toys is that they focus on numbers, letters and speech recognition.

2. LeapFrog Enterprises

This maker of learning toys for toddlers was established in 1995 by Michael Wood, a graduate from Stanford University and the Hastings College of Law. Wood was frustrated by the dearth of learning toys to help his son who had reading difficulty.

Today, LeapFrog develops and designs technology based educational products for kids of all ages. The focus is on writing, reading, math and phonetics. Some popular products include the Leapster, LeapPad, ClickStart, Zippity and others.

3. Hooked on Phonics

Hooked on Phonics was conceived in the 1980s by a dad who was willing to improve his son’s reading abilities. The company hit the markets in the 1990s as a program which concentrated on the aspect of phonics as a reading tool. The concept is today applied to flashcards, computer games and music with books which impart the coordination between sounds and letters. Their Learn to Read Kindergarten System has earned accolades from parents.

4. Playskool

Founded in 1923 by Helal and Henry Hassenfeld as Hasbro, the makers of the products from Playskool, the company was known to provide items of school supplies as well as pencil boxes to cater to the academic growth of kids. Playskool has always been dedicated to the educational progress of kids less than 5 years of age. Their learning toys for toddlers comprise Clippo, Mr. Potato Head and Pipeworks which develop the motor skills of kids. The other toys in their range include Noodleboro Learning about Manners and Peek ‘n Play Dome.

Advantages of Learning Toys for Toddlers

The learning toys for children have always aided in the early development of kids in the classroom. Their specialty lies in the enhancement of the emotional, social, intellectual and physical aspects of an individual across different ages. Even the basic learning toys for toddlers such as the wooden blocks stimulate hand to eye coordination, understanding of basic relationships and patience.

During their learning stages, these educational toys like board games, interactive playthings, musical instruments and computer games attract the attention of kids and promote their interest while at the same time teaching them about math, history, science, reading and writing.


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