Heading Off The Toddler Tantrum

A toddler tantrum is something that most parents have gone through and have wished not to have experienced.

Rather than having to deal with a fully fledged tantrum where the child has already lost control and is in the throws of real rage, it is better to know how to head of that dreaded toddler tantrum:

  • To begin with, make sure that a child is not sleepy, hungry or thirsty. Sometimes the reason why a child is being unreasonable can be as simple as a missed snack!
  • If a child demands something don’t just brush it aside or dismiss it out of hand. Consider it seriously so that the child does not feel brushed off. Also if something is not possible, offer an alternative that may suffice.
  • Explain why something is not possible in as simple terms as possible for a small child to understand.
  • Learn to recognize the precursors to a tantrum so that you can head it off: the pout, the rising pitch of the voice, and the increasing unreasonableness may all be a sign.
  • The art of distraction comes in really handy when you can sense a tantrum brewing. Take a walk, get a snack, play a game.


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