Some Great Toddler Toys for Boys

Toys are an indispensable part of growing up and there are loads of kids’ toys making the rounds so that not just the babies, but their parents are spoiled for choice as well. If you have a doting sonny, you can get him some unique toddler toys for boys and these should be entertaining as well as educating. He’s just learning to stroll and explore his surroundings.

So you need to give him toys which occupy the mind as well as the body. The toddler toy for boys encourage the emotional, intellectual and motor faculties of your little one by stimulating his imagination, teaching him new concepts and offering a physical release of his accumulated energy.

Bath toys

Toddler Toys for BoysAs toddlers, these children have outgrown any sort of aversion towards bath time and now, water to them is something fun. With the fun bath toddler toys for boys, you can bring on a fun element to his shower.

Hence, it is best to choose toys which can fill in and spurt water when your little chum squeezes them. The colorful bath characters like dolphins or toy fish, along with toy barges and boats make for a unique toddler toy for boys and make room for imaginative tub play.

Educational toys

Learning or educational toddler toys for boys promote the development of your son’s mental abilities. This is why you need to look for toys which teach the kid to match colors and shapes by arranging pieces in a particular slot. The specialty of these toys is that they enable the toddler to fill in and empty a container and evaluate spatial relationships.

Blocks make for some classic learning toys which help your toddler son to stack, balance and understand cause-and-effect concepts, especially when he knocks down the entire structure which you just built for him.

Active toys

These toddler toys for boys are ideal for boys who love being on the move. An instance is the walker wagons which the child can push ahead or pull behind them. It gives them a feeling of control. This toddler toy is highly enjoyed as they enjoy filling up the wagon with other toys or ride the wagon with mom’s or dad’s help. A simple active toy is balls which are loved by little kids. You need to look for one which has a soft surface which can easily be cleaned with bright colors which will hold the attention of the toddler.

Musical toys

This toddler toy for boys is recommended as it helps him make the noise he so loves. Small drum sets and toy pianos can give a racy start to your budding musical talent. Other musical options include maracas, kazoos and tambourines.

Mimic play

Toddlers love mimicking adults and mimic play toddler toys for boys help them playact in their everyday activities. A toy phone can give your son the option of babbling nothings on it just like his parents. Baby pans and pots and toy hammers are unisex mimic toys which can help your little one too.


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