Give Your Little One An Outdoor Start To Life

The benefits of children being out of doors are so many that the No Child Left Inside Movement is gathering speed now. The outdoors with fresh air, sunlight, and green spaces can have many positive impacts on children and their development – academic performance and development of kids as well as their mood can improve, whereas symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be reduced.

children playing outdoorsAccording to recent research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, being out of doors can make one feel more alive and increase ability to learn and be motivated.

According to the National Wildlife Federation it is important for children to have one hour of unstructured play outdoors, with nature.

If this kind of unrestricted outdoor play is inaccessible or unsafe, then time spent at a park, backyard or porch will also do.

Children who are left to play with others of their age, tend to be more creative. It is important to start your little out right, to avoid what writer of Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv called a Nature Deficit Disorder.

This can happen to children brought up in an artificial work who develop a disconnect with the natural world.


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