Make Bath Time Fun with Bath Toys for Toddlers

What if your kid does not prefer taking a bath? May be you need some attractive and colorful bath toys for toddlers. The reasons for not preferring bath may be diverse, ranging from hydrophobia and boredom to an after-bath chill. This is true not just for your toddler, but for grown up children as well.

The simple solution is to make bath a fun time. Kids, no matter what age they are, love toys, and if they are bath toys, they can really be exciting, to start with. Some of the toys are meant to be played with only in water, such as mermaids, boats, water wheels and fish.

Bath Toys for Toddlers

Choose Bath Toys for Toddlers

Get an array of bath toys for your little one which should be played with only in the water as it will develop a habit in the child to take a bath. Some toys which make bathing a fun activity for your kiddy include the foam bath letters, foam roadways and cars, and the foam numbers. These toys also stick to the walls of the shower along with the water.

Bath Crayons

Paints and bath crayons are a major popularity with the children. These are generally made of soap and can be used for color on the bathtub, shower curtains, walls of the shower as well as on the body. These bath toys for toddlers have a unique feature of being used to clean your tot and rinse them entirely without leaving any dirt or residue behind. They add to the mess of having a fun bath, and the best thing is that you can clean up the dirt within a jiffy!

Bath Books

If your child loves to read or wants you to read out to them, you can try the bath books. They are fat and covered in plastic which makes them float on the water. The bath books are a favorite with toddlers and infants as these are soft and chewable without being broken. Such books are immensely popular with preschool kids since they have bright pictures and big printed words. Since bath books can get mildewed, you should clean them regularly using a bleach solution.


Kids always seem to be in love with bubbles. They love putting them on their head like wearing a hat, on their cheeks like a beard and on their body like a snowman. You can make bath a fun time for everyone by piling up the bubbles high. However, use them cautiously since bubbles can at times irritate the sensitive skin of tiny tots.


Preschool kids enjoy it if you sing to them during their bath time. Songs like ‘Splish Splash’ and ‘Baby Beluga’ contain words which kids can easily remember. If you are a parent who does not know of any bathing time song, you can easily make one up. Kids do not know the songs by heart and they will enjoy your melody anyway.

The purpose of the bath toys for toddlers is to make bathing a fun experience for the lovely little angels. You can buy any of these toys to ensure a happy shower for baby dearest!


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