The Preschool Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Love

In our days kids got used to having junk food instead of real snacks, so maybe it would be time for you to remind them that healthy food can be fun too. Here are some cool preschool snack ideas to tempt your young.


Preschool Snack IdeasThe advantage of cheese is that it comes with proteins that keep the children going until dinner. The snack ideas for preschoolers could turn into a fun thing in case you make some ‘satellite snacks’ by sticking salt-free pretzel sticks into cheese. You could cut it into funny shapes and consider adding some fruits to the sticks as well, offering your child some vitamins too.

Peanut butter

In case you are looking for snack ideas for preschoolers, then you should most definitely consider peanut butter, which is the favorite of children. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are great, but they could become boring after a while.

As one of the preschool snack ideas consider using instead of bread toasted mini waffles or rice cakes. Also you could try adding some yogurt and some raspberries.

Baked goods

If you are looking for some new snack ideas for preschoolers you might also consider the baked goods that you usually offer your child, but try to smuggle in some fruits as well. Try things such as zucchini muffins, banana bead or carrot bars.


When looking for preschool snack ideas you shouldn’t be looking for just any kinds of cereals, but the wholegrain cereals. These come with calcium, vitamins, and also fiber. To boost the power of the cereals don’t forget about the milk either and add some tasty and healthy fruits as well. Sometimes yogurt works well too.


These are one of the best snack ideas for preschoolers because there is almost nothing that you cannot mix into a cheese quesadilla. You could be using leftover cooked chicken, chopped vegetables and also shrimp. This kind of snack is filled with calcium. In case your child likes it, the preschool snack ideas could also contain beans.


We might say that this is one of the healthiest snack ideas for preschoolers. In case you are using low-fat yogurt, you can be sure that it is filled with calcium, and in order to make it tastier and vitamin rich, you can also add granola or berries. As an idea, you could also freeze the yogurt and make some homemade ice cream that would beat any time the ones filled with artificial substances.


An interesting thing about eggs is that one egg provides one third of the protein requirements of a 4 year old. You could be keeping some hard boiled eggs in the fridge or make some tortilla. Naturally eggs are also just great for breakfast.

Sweet potatoes

As one of the preschool snack ideas, consider the sweet potatoes since these are one of the most nutritious vegetables that you can think of. They come with vitamin A, C, B6 and folic acid. You can make chips of the sweet potatoes as well because they are healthy.


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