Take a Look at the Most Popular Preschool Programs

Since there are so many different kinds of preschool programs, it may become overwhelming for the parents to find the right one. The best thing that you could do is to do some research about the available programs and choose the one that seems to be the most suitable for your child.


The Montessori program for preschoolers

This kind of curriculum focuses on 5 different areas. One of them is the practical life. With its help children learn how to put on their clothes, tie their shoes, prepare their drinks and snacks, clean up after themselves, and to go to the toilet on their own.

Another part of this preschoolers’ program is sensory awareness education. During this, the children have exercises that involve all five of their senses. There are also the language arts. As a result children learn how to express themselves verbally and they also learn to trace letters.

This one of the preschool programs also teaches about geometry and mathematics. Usually children learn about numbers through practical objects. Naturally there are also the cultural subjects through which the children find out about other countries, history, animals, time, science, movement, and art.

The Waldorf approach

According to this philosophy, people are made of three different aspects: soul spirit and body. These need to developed and stimulated. The main point of the approach is to create a homelike and comfortable setting for the children where they can freely express themselves through creative play.

The daily activities in case of this one of the preschool programs include painting, singing, coloring, poem reciting, baking bread, modeling from beeswax, building houses and dressing up. There is a lot of focus on the creativity of children in this case.

HighScope approach

This is another kind of preschoolers’ approach. According to this, there are 58 key experiences that all preschoolers should have. These are divided into ten categories. There is creative representation that refers to recognition, imitation and role-playing.

In case of this one of the programs there is also language and literacy that includes describing, talking, dictating stories and scribbling. Social and initiative relations that refer to problem-solving, making decisions and building relationships are also important.

Movement is also important for this approach for preschoolers, which involves running, bending and dancing. There is also some focus on music that refers to playing instruments and singing. Children also have to do classification, meaning sorting, describing shapes and matching.

Seriation is also a part of the curriculum in case of this one of the preschool programs. This means arranging different items in order. Numbers and counting are also important, as well as space emptying and filling exercises. Time related exercises are also important.

Bank Street approach

This preschoolers’ curriculum is centered around the children themselves. In this case, the creativity of children has a major role to play. Usually the children work with items that leave a lot to their imagination, like blocks, clay, puzzles, art materials and others.

Now you know more about the different preschool programs so you can figure out which will be perfect for your child.


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