Have Fun with Preschool Number Games

Preschool number games focus on the aspect of learning, counting and recognizing numbers. The purpose of the number games at preschool level is to engage the kids and introduce the numbers while playing. Some number games are simple and easy to play and help children develop their numerical abilities while understanding their essence.

Given below are some popular preschool number games:

Preschool Number Games

1. Number Race

This can be played by taping a piece of paper, placing numbers on them and pasting them on different locations around the room, playpen or the backyard. Once the number is called out, the kid races to the location that has the corresponding number and points it out. By calling out the numbers randomly, you can ensure that the child points them out correctly. A right answer can be appropriately.

2. Number Hunt

These preschool number games can be played by hiding number flashcards in the playpen or room. The kid can be encouraged to find them, and once they do so, they can place the cards in appropriate order.

3. Muffin Tin Sorting

Tape the numbers at the bottom of old tins of muffin cups. The kid should place the corresponding numbers of things like snacks, erasers or muffins accordingly.

4. Rhyme and Story Games

You can read out a story which has a counting theme in it and instead of pronouncing the number, you can hold a flashcard with the appropriate number written on it. Get the child say the number you are holding up. Kids can even count the number which is arrived at in each portion of the story.

5. Simon Says

The child can get commands like ‘Simon says’ while you hold ahead a number flashcard. The preschooler gets to do the appropriate action based on the number that the flashcard shows. For instance, if you say ‘hop’ and hold a flashcard which says ‘3’, the kid gets to hop twice.

6. Collection

The kid may be asked to get you a certain number of items based on the flashcard that you hand them. If you show them the number 5, they are required to get you that number of toy cars. Similarly, for the number 9, they can get you that number of blocks.

7. Number Jump

The preschool number games are played by drawing large circles that have numbers written on them. Remember the circles should be drawn on the sidewalk with the numbers marked in chalk. Call the numbers out randomly to allow the kid jump into the respective circle. This game can be taken a level ahead by calling out mathematical problems with the kid jumping on the answer circle.

8. Match Games

Collect items and group them accordingly. The child may place a corresponding number next to the group which has that particular amount written on it. For instance, there are 5 rubbers, 7 trucks and 9 balls. The child is required to out the appropriate number flashcard beside the group.

The preschool number games are fun to deal with. They are additionally instructional and educational and help children acquire additional skills. Moreover, preschoolers love games which give them a chance to hop, skip and jump.


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