Preschool Music Activities – Fun and Educational As Well

Teaching with the help of music predates even the written word; with oral traditions of passing on knowledge from one to the next generation being around as long as language itself. Perhaps this tradition has now assumed more sophisticated proportions and trappings; we probably know this tradition now as preschool music activities; but the fact remains that music is an easy and effortless way to communicate and to teach.

Preschool Music Activities

Why music is an effective teaching tool

As a parent of a young child or a toddler you have probably been playing CDs of nursery rhymes to your child or have perhaps been singing them yourself to your child. You may have noticed that such preschool music activities are something that your child picks up quickly and easily – the fact that there is a rhythm and a matching cadence to the lines, and the fact that there are simple tunes that the lines are set to, make them very easy for kids to pick up.

For instance try teaching your child a simple rhyme like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by simply reciting it, and then try teaching it by singing it – see which way the child can learn faster and with less effort.

Other reasons why children respond so well to preschool music activities

Quite simply activities that involve music are fun for small kids. Getting together with a bunch of other kids of the same age at preschool or simply imitating the actions of some cartoon figure singing a song on a CD that you play for your child is easy, it is fun and it is something that all kids enjoy.

The fact that there actions, and accompanying movements also involved along with the music involves even more of the child’s sense and faculties, gets him or her more engrossed in the activity and makes the whole learning process almost unconscious. Before you know it, a child as small as three years of age will be rattling of entire nursery rhymes complete with hand movements and bows and pirouettes without you even realizing when he or she learned all that.

So not only has your child effortlessly learned a song with many words (some new ones among them) he or she has also learned accompanying actions that teach them what word corresponds to what action. There is also some improved physical coordination as a result.

Preschool music activities that your child will enjoy

Most parents are likely to have CDs, either audio or video, that involve young children in a host of musical activities, teaching them not just a bunch of rhymes but also songs that teach the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months and so on. Your child probably has some favorites among those as well, which are frequently requested.

In addition there are various online resources that offer kids the option of interactive music related preschooler activities that require little parental supervision and are fun and educational for the child. This website offers a lot of options relating to preschool music activities, imagination play, movement and dance and more. The music resources offer fun options such as rhymes, holiday songs, fairy tales, music themed crafts and more.


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