What Your Kid Learns at the Preschool Math Activities

Preschool math activities are important for your little one, and as far as math is concerned, the subject is simply easy, but then adults are prone to complicate matters. It is important to remember that as kids, things should be kept as simple as possible. This applies more to learning than to anything else. If learning is fun and easy for the toddlers, they can remember it well and have a pleasant start when learning is concerned.

Preschool Math Activities

Preschool math activities can be practiced at home

Here are some simple preschool math exercises which you can focus on:

Use tangible items in the house, especially those which the kid is familiar with. Use the materials which have the same appearance as these help with sorting and grouping.

For instance, you may take oranges and apples, or anything else which is convenient for you. The number of items used depends on the age of the kid.

Addition and subtraction

One of the commonest preschool math activities comprises lining up 5 apples and allowing the child to add up them. Take away one of the apples and put that away, at your back. Ask the kid to count the apples, explaining to them what you had done.

There were 5 apples, and one of them was taken away. Follow the same rule with addition. Add 2 apples along with 3, and tell your infant that the total number is now 5. Add more materials to the activity based on the total number of preschool math exercises which your kid is competent in handling.

Grouping and sorting

This is one of the highly interesting preschool math activities which stimulates the baby’s minds and is fun to handle. Get 5 sheets of paper and have a large circle colored on each. Then add 5 groups of materials, making sure that each group complements one color on the sheet of paper. After that, ask the kid to make the sorting on the basis of the color.

1. One paper in the preschool math exercises may have a red colored circle on it, one with a blue while the other with brown. You may choose red colored pom poms, Popsicle sticks in blue and brown shaded crayons. Put the red items on the paper with a red circle and the blue things with the blue circle.

2. Place the empty jars on the table. Add to that certain crayons and pencil markers, jumbled up. Ask the kid to place the crayons in a container and all markers in another.

Problem solving preschool math exercises can be performed with the easy usage of flashcards or easy equations. You may even take the help of sticks. Unit studies make separate categories for allowing the kid to learn a single block at a time. Preschool math activities incorporate home schooling and you can seek the help of online videos to teach the child without repetitiveness which makes things easier for every type of learner.

Once you indulge in these preschool math exercises, your kid learns that math is all about fun. Puzzles like hopscotch, and fill-ins are some of the games that can teach numerical skills to your tot.


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