Preschool Learning Activities You Can Teach at Home

Parents can teach their little ones different things in their preschool learning activities such as playing educational games, singing counting and spelling songs, and reading out colorful story books.

There are various kinds of learning activities for preschoolers to give them an edge in school.

Preschool Learning Activities

Letters and Numbers

The simplest and easiest way to encourage preschool learning in your house is to make it musical. The alphabet song or the number songs are fun for preschoolers. Kids love singing and this helps them recollect their educational lessons. Songs are a great way to make kids remember their alphabets and digits.

Sight Words

After mastering their alphabets, preschoolers should be encouraged to learn simple and common sight words. These preschool learning activities can be easily done at home with the help of pictures and flashcards that have pictures as well as story books that show words along with their pictures.

You should remember that kids should see and practice these sight words before learning them.

There is another way in which you can ensure that kids can see their sight words. You can often label the common items in the house. You may for example write ‘clock’ underneath the wall clock.

Point the word out to your child until they recognize the word. You can test whether your preschooler has learnt the word by testing with a non illustrated flashcard.

Scrabble tiles and wooden blocks of letters can be used to teach spellings and combine words in simple sentences. You may write different words and ask the child to rearrange the jumble so as to make sense. You can make this word game really enjoyable by using funny words.

Cultivate a Reading Habit

Do not miss reading out to your preschooler. This is one of the most educationally helpful activities that can help your kid. Choose fun and colorful books that are action packed and descriptive. In these preschool learning activities, you should pay attention to the interests of your child and choose books pertaining to that subject. If the kid loves animals, read out the stories that have animals in them. If weather interests them, check out the books with storms in them.

Kids usually have their favorite stories and want parents to read them continuously. One of the ways to keep these stories fresh is by changing some words or names of characters. If the child recognizes the change, watch out for their reaction.

Educational Games and Activities

Some fun games for preschoolers include a card deck, pair of dice and simple board games. Parents can even use craft items to make their own educational games like puzzles. If the child is interested in art, have them color a picture according to numbered worksheets. This will ensure that they learn their numbers and colors. A deck of cards can be used to play war, with the child taught about comparing numbers and understand which is greater than the other.

There are ample options to encourage preschool learning activities at home. If you encourage your kid to practice playful learning, reading and educational games, your child will be more willing and enthusiastic as a learner.


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