Activities to Include in Your Preschool Daily Schedule

Entering preschool is exciting both for the parent and the kid. While some preschools may simply glorify the aspect of daycare, others feature a preschool daily schedule which is stuffed with activities aimed towards specific goals and objectives.

Each successful preschool features a daily schedule with a minimum circle time, time for educational activities, lunch time and play.

Circle Time

Preschool Daily ScheduleA core aspect of the daily schedule of a preschool is the circle time which generally has a specific theme which the class may work on, like animals, teddy bears and fish. The circle time usually takes place during the beginning of the day to make sure that the children are mentally alert to follow the activities of the rest of the day.

The circle time is a precursor to the daily schedule and often has a theme to give the kids a sense of focus.

Educational Activities

These are an important aspect of the preschool daily schedule. This is where kids are introduced to the basic ideas which often form the basis of their education of the future. The educating activities often include color and alphabet recognition, basic rhyming and familiarity with numbers.

These are incorporated in the schedule with the help of educational games that teach kids the basic concepts, while giving them a scope to have fun.

Lunch Time

Food happens to be a major part of the daily schedule of a preschooler. Certain preschools usually offer an optional breakfast program for students who come early. Preschools which start after the usual breakfast hour often serve a morning snack around an hour after the kids arrive. Lunch time should be kept for the noon, irrespective of whether kids carry their lunch or it is provided at school. At lunch time, kids are taught appropriate dining etiquette.


Games are perhaps one of the most important features of the daily schedule of preschoolers. While the other aspects are always important, experts have had a unanimous opinion about the benefit of games which have a unique teaching potential. There are ample activities incorporated in the preschool daily schedule such as puzzle stations, art stations, reading corners and dress up stations.

This time should be used by teachers to study and interact with the students. The unstructured play time is often valuable for gaining an insight into the stages of development of the child.

If you want to prepare a daily schedule plan for your preschooler, make sure it is done professionally. The schedule should be uncomplicated and easy to understand, whether you use a calendar format or excel sheets and tables. A simple schedule will not only make things easy, but will also avoid confusion if someone else wants to take charge.

The preschool daily schedule should ensure that the materials that are provided are appropriate to the ages and skill sets of the young learners. Another advantage of the preschool schedule is that it is ideal for teaching from home. With a well made plan, you can balance schoolwork with everyday chores.


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