Preschool Children and Tantrums

Although tantrums are nasty things, they are natural for preschool children. The manifestation appears because the young children, between 1 and 4, don’t really have good coping skills and so they just lose it. All tantrums are the result of the fact that they don’t get something that they want.

Preschool Children

Ignorance and children in the preschool period

During a tantrum, the child is simply out of his or her mind. This is why it isn’t useful to try to reason with the child. As a result there is nothing that the parents could possibly do to make things better during a tantrum. Whatever you may try would just make things worse.

Give the child some space

When dealing with young children, it is important for them to be able to express their anger. However, make sure that he or she doesn’t have anything at hand that could hurt him. This way, children will learn to get rid of their anger in a nondestructive manner and they will regain their self-control.

A diversion

If preschool children will get involved in some other activity, they will simply forget about their tantrums. It is a good idea for parents to have toys around them, snacks or books. When the tantrum is about to break out you just have to show a diversion and there will be no tantrum at all.

The source of frustration in children that are young

You should know that at this age children have a vocabulary of only 50 words, and they can’t connect more than 2 at once. It is just natural that they are frustrated because they can’t express what’s bothering them. This is why it is very important to teach yourchild the most important words, like more food.


Although you may think that a hug doesn’t help preschool children you may be amazed of how much it helps. A hug can settle the little one down. You should give the child a big and firm hug. Don’t say a word because it would just make things worse. The hug will make the child know that you care about him or her.

Food or relaxation

When handling preschool kids, you should know that usually the two main triggers are hunger and being tired. This is why it is common for the children to have tantrums about at the same time every day. In this case, you just have to offer the child water, food and some sleep.


If preschool children have to behave for longer periods of time, it may be a good idea to offer a bribe before the event. You should let the child know what is going to happen and that he or she has to behave.

Stay calm

It is easy to lose your head around kids that are at preschool age but you should try to maintain your calm. Otherwise you will just make things worse.

As you can see it’s not easy to handle preschool children, but you can manage if you put your mind to it.


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