Preschool Art Activities Promote Play Based Learning

Preschool art activities are fun as any kid loves to experiment and interact with aspects of art and craft. The specialty of the art projects for preschoolers is that they tap the child’s creative juices and motor skills like holding a pencil correctly, helping them with wrist movements for writing and teaching them about using the scissors for making a cut.

Any preschool art activity should be used so as to render the maximum benefit from them. It is suitable if you can use paint and crayons one day, string items the next and cut paper the following day.


It is best to select paints which are washable. Teachers should be responsible in ensuring that while performing these preschool art activities, the toddlers should work with smocks to prevent paint from getting on their clothing.

They can pursue their preschool art activity using their fingers or sponges and paintbrushes.

Teachers can take the kids out and ask them for painting something which they perceive in nature. You may paint almost anything, starting from coffee filters to construction paper and paper plates.

Kids can be influenced in painting seasonal characteristics, like fall colors. Ask the kids to fill up a large sheet of paper using these colors and once dry, you may cut out leaves from it. They can paint the paper plates red and green for Christmas wreaths. Springtime is when kids should paint large flowers to prepare an instant garden.


A collage is often a creative technique of using recyclable and spare materials. Preschool art activities can use collages through which each kid can say something about themselves. For instance, the kid may use a pink shade (indicating their favorite color), dry noodles (their favorite food) and the photograph of a family member. To make comprehension easier, choose few categories.


Making a necklace can be seen as a part of preschool art activity. The highlight of this necklace is that it is made of string and dry macaroni. Have the noodles painted and allow them to go dry. Ask the kids to string the macaroni in any color format they wish. The macaroni can be separated with plastic beading and buttons to add variety.

Paper art

Paper art can be used for helping the kids create something they want, using scissors, tape and paper. Guide the tots through their preschool art activities and help them make headbands, paper hats or any other items that they want. A popular option is the card which parents will enjoy.

Pastel and charcoal painting

Take a large sheet of white cardstock in this preschool art activity and prize it into sections to allow canvas for everyone. Give the kids charcoal and encourage them to draw whatever they want. These preschool art activities can be performed by smudging the designs with hands and fingers.

Finger paints

Finger painting is a preschool art activity which uses miscellaneous objects like feathers, combs and forks to create various designs. Putting the colors on the water allows the kids to freely experiment with the shades and their combinations.


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