Preschool Activity Suggestions for Your Child

Preschoolers tend to be very busy people, always rushing about and never able to sit still. But they are also easy bored people and little individuals who can get into a lot of trouble if not adequately occupied! So devising the right kind of preschool activityis vital to keep your child interested and occupied and hopefully off your back as well.

Preschool Activity

Preschool activity online resources

The BBC’s children’s website CBeeBies is an excellent resource for preschool activities. Kids can play games such as jigsaws, create designs, improve their understanding of colors and shapes, listen to songs, make and color things and watch and listen to stories and so on. And a lot of the activities use popular TV characters, which makes this even more fun for kids.

Free coloring pages is another resource for activities for preschoolers. Activity sheets teach them more about the alphabet. Parents can either download and print the sheets, let kids play games or enjoy online coloring here.

Preschool Activity Box is another website that offers you ideas and other resources for games, crafts, activities and so on.

Organize play dates

The socializing of your preschooler is probably the most important activity to prepare your child for interaction with other at school and elsewhere. Organize play dates with the children of friends, family and neighbors to help your child get used to being around and playing with other kids.

To begin with, your child may only play alongside other children but soon she will learn cooperative play, about taking turns, sharing etc. Soon she may have a best friend whom she asks to see frequently so that you can set up reciprocal play dates.

Preschool activity that involves the outdoors, swimming, jungle gyms and so on is also important for your child’s physical wellbeing.

Enroll for a hobby class

Your child will likely enjoy structured sessions where he learns a new skill such as drawing, craft, painting or a sport. Not only will your child enjoy being around other little kids his age and learn from his interactions, he will also get a welcome sense of achievement from mastering something new.

Preschool activity DVDs

You can get a wide variety of CDs, DVDs and CD ROMs that involve your child in play, teach thempreschool concepts such as shapes, colors etc, basic math concepts and the rudiments of reading and writing as well. You can buy them from your local stores, or online stores.

Reader Rabbit Preschool and Kindergarten CD ROMs are good options that offer your child easy to navigate preschool activity. Reading with phonics is a popular option that kids love and learn effortlessly from. Jump Start, Play and Learn and The Magic School Bus are other titles that offer your child hours of instructive fun.


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