Preschool Activities for Your Kids

There are so many preschool activities available that it might become overwhelming for the parents to make a decision. There are math, coloring, rhymes, linguistic activities, drawing and so on, but there is one that your child will enjoy for sure: science.

Independent exploration

The main point of these activities is to allow the children to have some hand-on experience regarding the world around them because this way it is easier for them to learn. Also you should make sure that you offer the children only the minimal instruction that they need.

Preschool Activities

Floating and Boating

The main point of this system is to have children spend some time in water so that they will learn about buoyancy and they can create some contraptions on their own.

Dirt Lab

This is another set of activities. Just as the name suggests the main point is to experiment with mud and dirt to find out about the characteristics that they have.

Animal Tracking

For sure the children won’t be handling the tracking of wild tigers, but these kinds of children’s activities offer the kids the possibility to use their reasoning skills.

Creature Clinic

The interesting thing about this set of activities is that it makes it possible for the child to use different kinds of scientific tools, such as tweezers, magnifying glass and balance scale. Just as the name already tells, during these activities the children should pretend that they are vets.

Prehistoric Zookeeper

If the child happens to like the prehistoric creatures, he or she could learn a great deal about them with the help of this set of activities.

How should you teach children?

In case the teaching is done right, as a result the ‘teacher’ can nurture the curiosity and sense of adventure of the child, he or she can help the child to understand the world around him or her better, offer the child problem solving skills, and offer information regarding basic scientific reasoning.

Before you start, it might be a good idea to make some research regarding the cognitive psychology and children’s development to find out how children learn.

No forcing or lecturing

The brains of the preschoolers cannot really stand still and listen to your every word. You must understand that they process the information more slowly, and they need more energy to do so. In case you force the child to sit still during the activities, you could destroy the natural enthusiasm that he or she has for science.

Hands-on experience

The reason for which these activities are focused on hands-on experience is that for preschoolers it is a lot easier to learn through their own experience, and the good thing about this is that you won’t have a lot of explanation to do.

Use what the child already knows

It is difficult to learn about something unknown, it is a lot easier to build on known elements. The learning paths that you could use in case of activities for kids include cause and effect relationships regarding usual objects.


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