Pre School Age Developmental Milestones You Can Expect

A child of pre school age can be a source of delight and amazement for parents. The rapid progress that a child makes during this time of 2 and 5 years of age is at several levels; social, language, physical and cognitive and for parents it would well seem like their child is doing or saying something new each day!

Pre School Age

Pre School Age Milestones – 2 Years

By the time your child is two, he may have a vocabulary of about 50 words, and parents may find a lot of it quite intelligible. He may even say a couple of words together and use simple adjectives.

Whereas separation anxiety will have lessened somewhat, defiance and tantrums may unfortunately have increased. Two year olds can show interest in playing with other kids. She may play games involving finding objects and make believe.

A child can run and stand on tiptoe and even climb on to furniture by preschool age 2. She can also scribble using a slate or paper and can sort objects according to their color by this age.

Pre School Age Milestones – 3 Years

Your three year old may be able to maneuver and pedal a tricycle, build tall towers of blocks, turn the pages of a book and manipulate small objects. He may recognize at least a few colors by now.

Your preschooler is probably asking a lot of questions and is able to understand concepts such as similarity and difference. She will now be able to introduce herself using at least her first name and may also be using pronouns.

She may now be able to use singular and plurals. Her vocabulary has expanded considerably by now and she may know as many as 500 words and may be able to speak in sentences of 3 to 4 words.

Pre School Age Milestones – 4 Years

By the age of 4, most children speak clearly enough to be understood by others. They can speak complete sentences and answer simple questions. Children of this age can engage in cooperative play and may engage in more complex imaginary play. He may also start to enjoy simple puzzles and games.

Your little one may have become quite independent by now and may amaze you with his ability to draw objects, print letters and so on. He is now able to comprehend when you tell him that you cannot do something in the middle of the night but it is possible the following morning.

He may be quite coordinated physically and may dress and undress, use scissors and even catch or kick a ball.

Pre School Age Milestones – 5 Years

By 5 years your child is quite the little person. She can hop and swing and somersault and may even ride a bike and swim! She can comb her hair, brush her teeth and a lot besides!

Pre school age children of 5 years can create geometric shapes, count 10 or more items and even dream up some pretty creative stories. She now wants to do a lot of stuff on her own without assistance and may want to copy her friends.


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