Teach Your Little One Concepts of Math for Preschoolers

If you want to teach your little one math for preschoolers, you need to get innovative. Young kids should be introduced to different types of mathematical experiences as they boost their level of confidence with numbers and the elementary techniques of mathematics.

You may take up different methods of teaching which give the preschoolers a unique knowledge of the simple concepts of math. Some of the instructional methods which you can take up include literary, manipulative concerts and class discussions. These steps often work efficiently to instill preschool kids with the basic concepts of math.

Here are some ideas for teaching math to preschoolers:

Math for Preschoolers

Sense of Numbers

Developing the sense of numbers can start with learning to say the numbers in their appropriate order. The child should also be taught to count the total number of objects with the knowledge that the last told number describes the total number of items that are present.

Before stepping into kindergarten, the child should count backwards from 5. Preschoolers should also work on identifying the written numbers and differentiating what is more from what is less.

The concepts of first to fifth should also be emphasized in kids of this age group.


Kids learn to locate and manipulate the basic shapes when they are in preschool. Some of the most common shapes which math for preschoolers takes into account are squares, circles, stars, rectangles, hearts and triangles.

Students can also be made to focus on sorting one article or object from another on the basis of their shape and size. You may integrate art and craft projects with geometry by making the kids combine the elementary shapes to create a variety of designs.


The basic concepts of algebra often start with locating and working with the substantial patterns. As a preschooler, your little one can identify a pattern and predict the sequence of the next or upcoming pattern. They should always be encouraged to create simple patterns of their own with the help of toys and blocks. Sorting the objects on the basis of their color or according to their other attributes should be addressed in thepreschool algebra skills.


Kids of the preschool age should be allowed to find ways of measuring temperature, time, volume, length and weight. Such math for preschoolers can be taught by using tools such as a clock, ruler, scale, measuring cap and calendar. Kids should also learn the task of comparing objects on the basis of their size like long or short, big or small and tall or short. The measurement skills should also embrace using certain features like height or length to place objects in their proper order.

Analysis of Data

Mathematical information should be interpreted by kids to answer specific questions. The children should be taught to interpret simple graphs which contain substantial information. They may also create graphs on the basis of the color and shape of objects.

Once you teach them math for preschoolers, kids can go a long way in excelling in this field of study. Moreover math helps sharpen their mental abilities and power of interpretation significantly. This can keep the developmental delays and learning disabilities at bay.


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