Ideas for Preschool Activities

Parents are often looking for ideas for preschool activities. It’s not true that children should only play at home; there are a lot of things that they can learn even if there isn’t a teacher around. Remember that there are many things that you can teach your child on your own.

Ideas for Preschool Activities

Alphabet art

In order to play with the letters of the alphabet you could cut out large letters of light cardboard and tell the child to think of words that start with a given letter. You may also cut out large letters from magazines and let the child play with them.


In case you are looking for ideas for activities for preschool, you should know that it is important for children to know about animals. For this you should cut out different animal shapes. There are some CDs that come with animal sounds and the child should recognize the kind of animal that they hear.


When looking for ideas for preschool activities, keep in mind that children just love playing with playdough. You can prepare some at home as well. You just need a couple of cups of flour, a bit of salt, vegetable oil and some food coloring.

Finger painting

Don’t forget regarding the tips for preschool activities that children love to get messy. They will just love to paint with their hands, but you have to make sure that they won’t get paint on the furniture as well. It is best not to let children unsupervised while they are creating art.


Usually little girls like to handle beads as one of the ideas for preschool activities. You can find numerous sets with beads in the stores and it is best if the beads have different shapes. This way, children will have to use their creativity to combine them.


If you are interested in preschool activity tips it is good to know that the easiest thing is for the children to create palm prints. Another thing that you can try is to cut a potato in half and carve the inside of the potato so that it will have a specific shape.

Although there are many different kinds of ideas for preschool activities, it is important for parents to get creative with them so that children won’t get bored with the activities. While you could address different themes each week, make sure that the activities are varied.


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