How to Choose Preschool Activities for Kids?

In case your child is ready for preschool, there is one important decision that you have to make for his or her education: choosing the preschool activities. In order to make sure that you have chosen wisely, there are some questions you should ask before you make your decision final.

Ask other parents

In case you would like to find out about a given activity, you should ask the other parents. They might have a lot of information and you don’t really have to make an effort to find other parents. For sure you can talk to others at playgrounds, at parks on in the neighborhood. Make a list of the activities and preschools that the other parents talk to you about.

The advantage of this system is that your child may already know someone at the preschool in question and maybe you could form a carpool together with the other parents.

Online research

The majority of the preschools have a website and they offer information on the kinds of activities that they offer. You should take the time and make some online research regarding the preschools in your area.


You should tour or visit several preschools before you make a decision. While you are there you should make some notes and observe whether the classrooms, bathrooms and playgrounds are clean. Ask some questions regarding the safety measures, the credentials of the teachers and the security policies.

Observe the way the teachers are interacting with the children, and the way children interact with each other. This is important because the quality of education that your child gets depends greatly on the people surrounding him or her.

Financial aspects

Most probably you will also be interested regarding the financial aspects of the children’s preschool activities. In the majority of the cases the costs range between $100 and $600 per month or even more. You should also be prepared for the fact that some of the institutions require the parents to make a deposit in order to have their children added to the waiting list.

The child’s decision

When you have narrowed your choices down to one, you should make one more visit, with your child. You could participate at a class, and see whether the teacher is trying to include your child as well in the activities. Also observe whether the child feels comfortable in the new setting.


Although this has nothing to do with reasoning, sometimes you have to go after what your intuition tells you. Subconsciously you might know what the best choice for your child is.

What type of program?

When it comes to activities for kids, there are several different kinds of programs that you could choose from, and you have to pick the one that you think would work out best for your child. One of the most influential factors is the kind of personality the little one has, because the program should be suitable for his or her interests and temperament to make room for further development.


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