Introduce Your Kid to a Whole New World Through Exciting Preschool Science Activities

Preschool science activities need not be complicated experiments always. It is a fact that science exists everywhere around us in complex and simple forms, such as the weather. Then there are the natural phenomena and simple chemical reactions including common household and regular items.

Any preschool science activity can be fun for adults and kids too because it gives children the scope to learn through performing activities and observation. Science engenders the incorporation of senses like hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell. In short, a scientific experiment stimulates our sensory perceptions and this for the kids means an enhancing of their perceptive faculties.

Preschool Science Activities

Preschool science activities taught

Science activities can be made highly exciting for your toddler. It is highly obvious that young kids learn about science best when they get hands on training.

One of the ways through which this can be facilitated is through the practice of preschool science activity and experiments. Here are some simple and easy experiments which preschool kids can participate in:

Mini Ocean: Take a clear plastic bottle, measuring a liter. Fill it ¾ with water and add blue food color. On it, add some more cooking oil. The top inch of the bottle should be left clear.

This is one of the simple preschool science activities which can teach kids that water is insoluble in oil. Back and forth swinging of the bottle will produce a wave effect.

Raisins rising: Pour clarified carbonated soda in a glass and drop 4 or 5 raisins on it. Kids can now see that the air bubbles make the raisins drop and rise in the liquid.

Funny Pepper: This preschool science activity can be a great demonstration. Dust pepper on top of a cup of water. Dab some soap on your fingers and touch the middle of the pepper. Kids can now see the repelling act of soap and pepper beside your glass.

Dino bone hunt: In this preschool science activity, take chicken bones, and boil and clean them. Make sure that the edges are not sharp. Place them inside a sand box to let the kids find them.

Popcorn dance: This preschool science activity requires a small glass jar filled with ¾ of water. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and stir well. Add a couple of drops of food color and 12 popcorn kernels. Throw in some vinegar and see the kernels starting to move within a few minutes.

Sun paint: Place different types of flat objects on a dark variety of construction paper. This is one of the preschool science activities where you need to cut out various sorts of designs and shapes and use common materials such as a key or a ruler. Expose the piece of paper for a couple of hours in direct sunlight. Then show to the children how the effect of sunlight made the paper to fade, with dark silhouettes.

Ice wonder: In these preschool science activities, add an ice cube to a glass of water with a child laying a string across the ice to pick it up. Add salt on the ice and ask the child to retry. Tell them the melting effect of salt, just to have the ice adjust to the string.


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