Examples of Preschool Lesson Plans

In case you are looking for examples of preschool lesson plans you should know that these usually have different sections, addressing all the aspects of a lesson. If you come up with a lesson you will have to make sure that you address all the aspects to be prepared.

The basics of the preschool lesson plan examples

First of all, the lesson is supposed to have a name. There is also an age group (usually the target group consists of preschool children of 4-5 years). The number of children is also important. Each activity has a specific number of children that can participate.

Examples of Preschool Lesson Plans

Time of day

If you are thinking about lesson plan ideas you also have to consider the time of the day. In the morning children are more alert while at noon children usually are tired. Keep in mind that if you need to set up the classroom for the activity, this should be done in the morning, as a group effort.

Domain and objectives

When it comes to the examples of preschool lesson plans, it is important to set the domain of the activity. For instance it could address the language, social, math, and reasoning skills.

All activities have specific objectives, such as making children get familiar with the phrases used on the farmers’ market.


Before you can set up the scene, you have to think about the things you will need for the ideas for the lesson plans. For example you could use plastic foods, plastic fruits and vegetables, plastic flowers, baskets, play money, boxes, signs, and small tables.

Procedure and directions

The people looking for examples of preschool lesson plans should know that children need indications in order to get active. First make an introduction, such as explaining what a farmers market is, what happens there, what goods are sold and ask the children whether they have been to a market of this kind before.

Be interactive

Those tips for lesson plans that are the best allow children to participate. In case of a farmers’ market the children should gather all the goods that the vendors will sell, they should hand out the play money and the baskets, and they should also organize the sorting baskets.

There is a lot to think about regarding the examples of preschool lesson plans and it is your job to think about all the possible aspects of an activity.


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