What Your Child Can Learn from Pre School Songs

Pre school songs are a precious resource for young kids. The preschool rhymes help teach kids the different basic as well as personal skills. There are many lessons kids are waiting to learn from the songs and tunes of nursery rhymes. Here are a few benefits:

Counting and numbers

A number of preschool songs are dedicated to this category. When counting is put in a snappy tune, kids can memorize and repeat the numbers better. Ten Little Monkeys and Hickory Dickory Doc are some of the popular numbers kids can chime to. Singing One, Two, Buckle my Shoe is often helpful as the song is brief and fast. The longer song Ants Go Marching is suitable when you take your toddler on a walk.

Pre School Songs

Spelling and letters

One of the most popular pre school songs in this category is the Alphabet Song. However, it is not the only song which can teach spelling and letters to young tots.

Like the counting songs, the letter songs make the basic skill simpler which would have otherwise been difficult for children to grasp.

Well known preschool songs in this category involve the Alphabet Song, Bingo and the vowel songs Apples and Bananas. Other songs help teach the alphabetical order.

Body parts

Teaching your kids to identify body parts through easy and memorable pre school songs strengthens their sense of self and elevates their confidence and independence. Most songs featuring body parts are activity preschool songs that need to be performed with action and movement. The best part is that they are fun to sing.

Usually, preschool children know songs like Knees and Toes, The Hokey Pokey and Head and Shoulders. You may also take the help of other preschool rhymes like Thumbkin, When You’re Happy And You Know It, and Ten Little Fingers.

The kids’ pre school songs are fun to sing and most importantly, they teach kids the fact that learning is a fun experience. Moreover, it is perfect to be silly once a while. Nursery rhymes help children acquire functional skills which is required for reading. Reading the preschool songs and rhymes help kids recognize the shapes and squiggles which are actual words with meanings.

Hence, kids understand the elements of language and, with the building blocks of words and sentences the learning experience becomes easier for them. Rhyming and songs play an essential role in this aspect.

The vocabulary of your toddler can be increased too. The pre school songs are a great way to increase the knowledge of the world and vocabulary of your little one. A lot of preschool ditties are instructive and informative about the different aspects of the world. Moreover, the movement preschool songs also teach kids about the important elements of relationships and direction which will help them a lot in the future.

As a tool aiding in memory, the songs teach children about improving their memory based skills which will help them immensely in the long run, when they start with their formal education. They are vital first steps in teaching the little ones that learning can be fun.


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