Adorable Celebrity Baby Pictures

If you think that celebrities seem to have the cutest kids, you may be at least slightly right – good looking parents do tend to have good looking kids, so here are some adorable celebrity baby pictures – a real cute fest!

And it’s not just the visual treat (they say that looking at cute baby pictures when pregnant results in a cute baby), there may be some interesting new born baby names that may also suggest themselves to you!

Celebrity Baby Pictures

Jason Kelly is pictured here with his adorable little girl who has the unusual sounding name Nayleigh. Don’t miss the little fairy wings and the starry magic wand!

Celebrity Baby Pictures

Alyson Hannigan’s daughter is named Satyana Marie Denisof, and she was born at home on March 24, 2009, Hannigan’s 35th birthday. She will be two soon and appears to be treading carefully there!

Celebrity Baby Pictures

Sean Preston Federline is Britney Spears’ eldest child and he will be 6 this September.

Celebrity Baby Pictures

The cute quotient of this picture is really very high, the two boys seem to be a really cuddlesome duo! In this picture, Sean Preston is joined by his younger brother (by just one year) Jayden James Federline who turns 5 this September. The little boys seem to be quite about being on the slides; parents can be amazed at what a strong streak of self preservation small children can have!

Celebrity Baby Pictures

Pictured here are the two beautiful daughters of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. In the little car is the younger daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabeth who is now two and in the back is Violet Anne who is now a little over 5 years of age.

Celebrity Baby Pictures

Two facets of arguably the most famous family in the world – Shiloh and Zahara Jolie Pitt are pictured here; clearly very amused about something!

Celebrity Baby Pictures That is Suri Cruise, proving why she is something of a baby style icon!


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