Your Newborn: Will You Love Him At Once?

child birthYou’ve probably read a lot about that magical first moment when a mother holds her newborn child and is swamped by an up rush of maternal love, feeling a bond, a connection like never before with the little new life that she helped create and which she just produced.

So you end up expecting that instant welling up of love for your infant; but wait a minute, there is another scenario that is just as common: a woman holds her newborn and feels at that moment, nothing! And you know what else, it’s perfectly OK!

This is a brand new person you only just met, you may fall in love instantly, but then again you may well not do so.

You have just undergone what may well have been one of the most arduous and physically taxing of experiences, childbirth [Child birth process] and you are simply too tired, to feel anything much towards your new baby.

In fact there may be feelings of actual resentment towards a newborn, for having put you through all the pain, but again that is also quite natural.

When a baby is born, a mother is typically dealing with a lot of new stuff, perhaps even battling post partum depression, so if that supervening instant love does not happen, don’t sweat it, give it time, soon that baby will become the most loved thing in your life, and you will not be able to imagine life without him!


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