Your New Born And Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are very common for a newborn baby, and although some may require supervision and treatment by a doctor, most do disappear on their own.

Here is a list of some of the more common skin rashes in your newborn. Rest assured that most of them will disappear after your baby is a few weeks or months old.

  • Neonatal acne, or ‘pink pimples’ as they are called, are brought on by the exposure to maternal hormones within the womb. These need no treatment whatsoever and will disappear on their own when your baby is a few weeks old.
  • Erythema toxicum is something that looks like mosquito bites. This is also a common newborn rash, and will disappear on its own after a few weeks.
  • Mongolian spots are a very common newborn baby skin rash, in dark skinned babies. These require no treatment, and will disappear on their own by the time the baby reaches school age.
  • Salmon patches are a simple nest of blood vessels. Also known as ‘stork’s bite’ when it occurs at the back of the baby’s neck, or an ‘angel’s kiss’ when it occurs between the eyes, the cause may be maternal hormones. These too disappear after a period of time although it is true that some salmon patches never disappear.
  • If your baby was born a little late, he may display dry peeling skin. Do not worry; this is a normal phenomenon, and underneath the dry skin is your baby’s soft dewy newborn skin!
  • Strawberry or capillary hemangiomas are birthmarks on your newborn’s skin, which are caused by a collection of blood vessels anywhere on his body. These marks may look pale at first, and then acquire color when he grows a little older, and will eventually disappear when he is six to seven years old.
  • Café-au-lait spots are quite common. Known by this name because of their coffee and milk color, these are rashes that will disappear on their own when your baby is a few months or years old. However, if there are too many; at least six or more of café-au-lait spots on your baby’s skin, it may indicate a medical condition that has to be treated.
  • Port wine stains are flat purple birthmarks. These will not disappear with time, and if you are concerned, you could opt for treatment from a cosmetologist or a dermatologist.

Most rashes are very common and will disappear with time, but if you are concerned, consult your doctor immediately.


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