What You Need for a New Baby

If you are wondering what you need for a new baby, let us tell you that the checklist for this task is endless. You may take days and weeks to prepare a potential list, but even then you might leave a few things out. That’s because baby time is fun – and tough, for new parents.

Once there is a baby on its way, the expecting mom will need many things. Many of the items which are required are meant for the child, but then she may require some herself as well. Do not wait until the arrival of the baby to accumulate the necessities.

Here’s what you need for a new baby.

What You Need for a New Baby

1. Diapers and Clothing

Babies are in need of various kinds of clothing which helps them stay comfortable and warm. They also require plenty of diapers of varied sizes. It is best to go for the newborn and single sizes initially and a huge supply of wipes.

Some of the essential things for dressing the baby are pajamas, onesies, caps, booties, socks, mittens, shoes, jackets and single piece outfits.

After baby is with you for a few weeks, you will get to know the kinds of outfits which are most important. Hence, you should stock up on baby clothing.

2. Food

If you are breastfeeding, you should have a breast pump and nursing bras at hand. To know what you need for a new baby, it is essential to have a lot of bottles and nipples ready. To ensure that the kits are clean, get a bottle brush. If you are not a breastfeeding mom, you should stock up on a week’s supply of formula food. You also need to have a rack for drying the bottles, an insulate bag for transporting the bottles when you will leave the house and a basket for cleaning the bottles.

3. Baby Care

An important element of baby care is the baby bath, for which you need to stack some no-tear bubble shampoo and soap, baby tub, baby lotion, nail clippers and washcloths. With a baby powder, you can keep your little one dry. Make sure you have ordered for diaper rash ointments as well as a pacifier to keep your child comfortable for a long time. However, some babies are not fond of them.

4. Large Items and Furniture

A crib is what you need for a new baby, being a very important piece of furniture. You should not ignore the changing table which helps parents change diapers from a suitable height. Car seats are must-haves for traveling purposes. A stroller helps you take walks and complete errands. For meals, it is best to have a high chair, especially one with a bouncy seat.

5. Safety Products

These are required not for the sake of the tot, but for the entire household. Some of them include a baby monitor for overseeing your child from another room, a nasal respirator and rectal thermometer. After the child starts to crawl, you should baby-proof the house with outlet covers, baby gates, cabinet latches and stove guards.

It is never too late to purchase what you need for a new baby. So, if you still do not have these things handy, get them immediately for your little one without delay.


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