What To Do When Baby Reaches The Alert Stage?

baby toysAt some point, you will notice that your baby will be quiet, not demanding food or trying to fall asleep. This new alert stage is where all the learning starts.

This often occurs after about six weeks and is also likely to be when you receive your very first ever smile.

Make the most of this time to play or just talk to your baby.

Mobiles are great for stimulation and are always there when the baby awakes.

Making funny faces is often the only top that is needed and often they will be copied and that is the start of a life time of communication between parent and child.

It is not difficult to read the signals telling you that suddenly hunger or sleep are more important than playing with mum or dad. Let your baby be the guide, over stimulation will make him tired but usually he’ll either simply nod off or make his feelings known.

Every single baby is different and each develops differently from others, premature babies often reach each step slightly later than those who went full term. These guidelines are just than a guide, and remember nobody knows tour baby better than you do.

There are many toys for each stage of baby development but try not to go overboard. Simple things are often more valuable for example a mirror can provide hours of entertainment for your baby.

Play gyms are an excellent way to encourage coordination as he or she swings arms or kicks feet while lying on the floor.


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