What Is Glue Ear And How Do I Tell That My Newborn Has It?

Glue ear is one of the common problems that a lot of newborns are likely to develop in the first year of their life.

It is a condition wherein the middle ear of the baby fills up with a sticky looking fluid with glue like appearance which can occur in one or both ears.

The incidence of glue ear in a child can decrease in the volume of hearing in the child.

In fact, temporary hearing loss or indications that a child’s hearing has become less acute than before is one of the chief symptoms of glue ear.

Though this is a common condition in small babies, older children can also experience it. If a child is old enough to express what he or she is feeling it is likely that there is a feeling of stuffiness or fullness experienced in the ear.

Children may also show signs of being generally unwell, tired, fussy or frustrated. They may not respond when called either because of reduced acuity of hearing or because they are feeling unwell.

Sometimes glue ear can develop in consequence of or after the child having suffered cough, cold, or ear infection when extra mucus is made.



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