Top Android Apps for New Born Babies

We seem to use apps for most areas of our lives these days so why not some apps to help you navigate this exciting and exhausting time as new parents! We look at the various android apps that you can use to know what your new born should be doing at what age, what to do to make baby sleep better, and other stuff to make life a little easier.

These are some of the top rated free apps that you can download to your Smartphone or tablet in a jiffy from the Google Play store:

Top Android Apps for New Born BabiesBaby Care – Track Baby Growth

This new born baby app lets you track all that your baby does – feeding, peeing, pooping, sleep patterns and even baby’s mood. It also lets you track baby’s medical appointment, inoculations, medicines, bath and more. It offers reminders for important stuff as well.

The app also functions as a baby diary in which you can record baby’s voice and photos and share these with friends and family. You can also keep a track of baby’s growth in terms of length, head circumference and weight gain.

Lullabies Relax & Sleep Baby

This new born baby app is supposed to be for your baby, but it will please you even more. The lullabies and baby songs featured will send both baby and mommy to sleep! The app features natural sounds to help relax and sooth, white noise, therapy music, etc.

Baby Rattle Toy – Child Lock

As soon as your baby is old enough to look at and take an interest in objects this rattle toy app will become useful for you. The app features six different rattles to keep your baby interested and amused. The moving animals, fishes and other objects invite baby to touch and tap. The app comes with a child lock and airplane mode that prevents any harmful radiation for your baby.

Baby’s Music Box

The baby listens to songs, looks at the animated toys, puppets, the night sky etc. Users say that the app helps to put their child to sleep.

Baby Milestones

This new born baby app tells you what your baby is during the first 12 months of life. When did the first tooth come in, when did your baby crawl, feed herself, stand up with support? You can create a time line of your baby’s own milestones. You can attach a date and a photo with each milestone.


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