Tips To Manage New Born Twins

twin careChances are expectant parents of twins feel elated, expectant and overjoyed at the thought of the stork dropping by two (or more) instead of one bundle of joy.

Upon arrival of the twins, however, ‘overjoyed’ may swiftly be replaced with ‘overwhelmed’, as the parent(s) discover just how much of time consuming work a couple of tiny little creatures can be!

  • So the first tip for managing new born twins is to be prepared. Understand that twin babies is twice the amount of love and joy of course but also twice the amount of feeding[baby feeding], changing, bathing and only half the amount of sleep! Mentally prepare yourself so that you don’t end up feeling completely overwhelmed, fatigued, and even perhaps sad and lonely, depressed and angry!
  • If breastfeeding, try feeding both babies at the same time, that could save time and give you some valuable extra rest. You can get twin nursing pillows that may help in this endeavor by offering support.
  • To begin with, many experts advice putting twins down together to sleep, the presence of the other twin comforts and lulls a baby and helps in the process of falling asleep. There is some research to show that twins sleeping together have healthier breathing. Also getting them to sleep at the same time means that there is some chance of rest and recuperation for the parents. With some effort the parents may be able to establish a pattern or a schedule for sleep, which makes it easier on the stressed and fatigued parents.
  • If you are planning to just get two of everything, give that some thought, you may not need two of everything; there may be many items that you can actually use for both in rotation. Give it some thought and you may end up saving yourself a bunch of clutter, to say nothing of considerable expense.
  • And this one is very important: take good care of yourself. Eat healthy and nutritious food, and if breast feeding, a calcium supplement may be a good idea. Try and get as much rest as possible. It is a good adage to follow: sleep when the baby does. Resist the urge to finish off other chores when the twins are asleep, get some quality rest, this will stand you in good stead, as it will help restore your energy supplies. And if you find that it is not possible to manage by yourself, don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for help, get someone to help out with some of the chores.


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