5 Things One Should Never Do With A Newborn

Your newborn is the precious thing that arrives after nine months of struggle with pain, sleepless nights, strict diets, mood swings, sickness and what not and there is not a better feeling in the world than to finally hold your baby in your arms.

There are going to be many small and big challenges that you are going to face as a parent. You will have to make alterations in your routine and you will need to be extra careful about anything and everything that you choose for your baby, be it wash and bath products or food.

However, there are a few things, which you should never do to your bundle of happiness to keep it safe and happy, away from any type of harm. Let us look into a few of those things.

5 Things One Should Never Do With A Newborn

1. Letting other people kiss your baby

When a child is born, it is more susceptible towards getting ill because of all those bacteria and germs, due to even the slightest contact. Kissing and touching with dirty hands can introduce your baby to unwanted illness, since their immunity system is not yet developed enough to fight with all that infection. Avoid letting people touch and kiss your baby every now and then. Avoid taking your newborn to overcrowded and public places where there can be many unavoidable incidents of unwanted touching. Wait for a few days until it is accustomed to all these things and his immunity system is ready to fight the battles of illness.

2. Don’t let your baby stay in dirty diapers for long

Cleanliness is the most important thing you need to take care of while handling your newborn. Since, they are sensitive during first few days of their birth, take care that you are maintaining proper cleanliness in your home as well as around them. Dispose-off the dirty diapers immediately since it can cause discomfort to your baby.

3. Leaving your child alone with water

As mentioned earlier, you are going to have to make many changes in your life as a parent. You will also need to learn to be more careful about little things when it comes to your baby. Do not leave your baby too long with water unattended, since it can cause many unfortunate accidents and would be a very dangerous thing to do. No matter how less the water is, do not ever leave your baby alone in a bathtub.

4. Going overboard with baby outfits

It is good to keep a sense of fashion while dressing your baby up but it is also important to take care of the comfort of the baby. Do not go overboard with choosing outfits for your baby and forget totally about its comfort. Make sure to keep comfort first and choose whatever makes your baby feel light and happy.

5. Be regular with the appointments

No matter how healthy your baby is, a regular check-up is necessary during first few months of its birth. You might find some things to be normal, but it might turn out to be a big problem for your child. Visit the doctor regularly to keep your baby happy and healthy.


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