Tips for Taking the Best Newborn Baby Pictures

Chances are that everything baby is doing is fascinating to you right now, and you want to capture each wonderful moment, each new expression, and keep it for posterity. However, taking baby pictures can be tricky and here are some tips and tricks that will help you take the best newborn baby photos:

Capturing Baby Pictures

1. Pick a good quality but uncomplicated camera that you quickly switch on and just point and shoot.

You don’t want to be bothering with complicated lenses, and adjusting apertures and so on, because by that time baby will have moved on to doing something else and you will have lost that moment you wanted to capture.

2. Take plenty of pictures; with modern digital cameras you can always delete and edit what you don’t want later.

3. Set the stage so to speak. Spread out a nice blanket and keep some favorite items close at hand, which may interest baby and elicit interesting expressions and adorably toothless smiles.

Dress baby in your favorite togs and perhaps a jaunty cap to complete the picture.

4. Make sure baby is well rested, fed, burped and freshly changed to make sure that you have baby in the best possible mood and inclined to pose, in a manner of speaking.

Also make sure that baby is clean; you don’t want spit up stains to show up on the dress or dried drool to be evident in the pictures.

5. Take pictures of baby as he or she is sleeping. Sleeping babies can make for some enchanting pictures and you have the time to really compose your shot.

6. It is best if the baby’s most favorite person is taking the photo – babies tend to smile and react and coo and gurgle most with a care giver or mother, say; so if possible they should take the picture, so that baby is looking straight at them and therefore the camera as the picture is being taken.

7. Don’t try too hard to make baby ‘pose’ – rather just make it a kind of play session and get baby interested and involved in the process.

Then just be ready for the sidelong glance, the wide grin, the puzzled frown and a range of other expression that baby will naturally offer you.

8. Meal times are another great time to take pictures. Make sure that you capture that distasteful look on the face when baby tastes something new, and unfamiliar, capture the fun she has as she tries to feed herself and the mess that she makes as well!

9. Don’t be afraid of taking close ups of baby’s face; these can make some of the most cherished baby pictures if you get them right.

Practice with different angles and make sure the light is right and then work by trial and error to get the best shots.

10. After you take the pictures, you can try and experiment with various computer applications to create different effects – you can create a sepia tint for the picture, or make it monochrome (black and white), give a sketched effect and amuse yourself with other effects!


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