Some Helpful How To Videos For Your Newborn Baby

For many of us, holding our own newborn baby may be the first time that one is holding a baby that small – it can be overwhelming and confusing, wondering what can and cannot be done with a baby that small. Even something as basic as how to lift a small baby and how to hold a small baby may have to be actually learnt.

helpful tips to hold babyIt can be all very well to read a bunch of how to books, which will offer helpful and accurate instructions from swaddling to changing, to feeding to putting baby down for a nap.

However, the written word is often not enough, even if accompanied by pictures. Here videos can come in really handy. We found some rather useful videos about baby care, such as:

A very small, new born baby can be frankly scary if you have never held one before. You want to be sure that you are holding baby the right way, supporting, in particular the head and neck without harming or injuring them.

If so, this video about how to pick up a newborn by sliding the hand under the head and another under the body, will be very useful.

For many babies, the outside world can appear cold, and bewildering, and they are able to find great solace in being swaddled, which gives them the feeling of warm security, rather like their mother’s womb.

Swaddling can be tricky and difficult to master however unless someone shows you how to do it, and this video is useful for those who want to learn to swaddle their new baby and help them sleep better and more comfortably on their back.

If you want to know how to give your baby a sponge bath, what you need for it and how to go about the whole business, then you may want to take a look at this video about how to give baby a sponge bath.

Other useful videos such as how to get a baby started on breast feeding with useful tips of latching on etc are available. If you want to know how to burp a baby or indeed what a proper burp should sound like, then there are videos there for you.

If you want to find out the best ways to get your child to go to sleep, you can get useful tips as well. Tips on pregnancy and post pregnancy exercise may also make for interesting viewing.


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